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Finding the Perfect Men’s Springsuits

Finding the Perfect Men’s Springsuits

Finding the Perfect Men’s Springsuits

For anyone who loves watersports, proper equipment is key. Serious athletes know that what they wear is just as important as the apparatus they use. Improper clothing does not only affect their performance but may also compromise their safety.

Wetsuits are a must for anyone doing activities in cold sea temperatures. In some countries, the sea temperatures can still be cold even at high noon on a sunny day. Hypothermia is dangerous and sets in quickly if you do not wear appropriate clothing.

Temperatures do change, though, and some places can get from hot to balmy to cool to freezing. That is why wetsuits come in a variety of styles. Fullsuits offer maximum protection, while rash guards are typically your basic choice. In between fullsuit wetsuits and rash guards are springsuits.

What is a Springsuit Wetsuit?

Springsuits are a type of wetsuit that watersport athletes wear. Newbies might be unfamiliar with the term, but springsuits are actually very common.

Wetsuits come in different leg and sleeve lengths. Fullsuits have long arm and leg sleeves and offer the most coverage, while springsuits are more suited to moderate temperatures. Also called shorty wetsuits, springsuits have short arm sleeves and short legs. It is primarily used in transitional seasons when the weather is somewhat warm, as in temperate climate countries.

Springsuits allow your limbs to move more freely than full wetsuits while still keeping your core at a comfortable temperature. They are great for most activities like swimming, surfing, skiing, scuba diving, paddling, kayaking, windsurfing, and more.

Should I Get a Springsuit?

Even if you’re not a professional athlete, springsuits are still a wise choice if you go out in the water often. As we mentioned earlier, rash guards offer little protection against the cold. Having a springsuit wetsuit means you can safely do activities without the risk of hypothermia. Springsuits are not full coverage wetsuits and stretch well, so they are also less likely to restrict your movement and can be worn on hot days.

Choosing a Men’s Springsuit Wetsuit

Buell Surf offers a variety of men’s wetsuit cuts, styles, and colors. Springsuits are important for athletes engaged in watersports, so it is important to invest in one that fits your needs. Choosing a good men’s springsuit wetsuit is dependent on several factors.


Of course, you’ll want to pay attention to the weather where you will wear your wetsuit. Thick wetsuits should be worn in colder temperatures. Springsuits are ideal for days when the weather is neither too hot nor too cold, but you should still think about the thickness of your suit. A thick springsuit may be used for mild days when the water is still a bit cold.

When you shop for your wetsuit, remember that the thicker the material is, the more restricted your movements will be. So, for sports that require maximum mobility in your arms, legs, or both—like swimming or kayaking—it is important to consider your wetsuit thickness.

Sun Protection

If you are out on the waves for most of the day and are concerned about sun exposure, then you could probably opt for wetsuits with either long or short sleeves instead of sleeveless types like short johns or long johns. Events like a triathlon might call for suits that provide excellent sun protection.


Coverage and thickness are important factors to consider in choosing men’s springsuits, but let’s face it: style also matters. Confidence is still important in team and individual competitions, and you should choose a springsuit that gives you a confidence boost and help you in your overall performance.

Aside from aesthetics, you might also have a preference in the entry system of your wetsuit. Some suits zip at the back, such as our RBZ Stealth Mode 4/3 Fullsuit, while our springsuits like the Jamie O'Brien 2MM L/S Springsuit feature an over the top, chest zip entry with a snap-tight outer flap. To purchase them, you can shop on our website and see other styles for sale.

Will a 2mm Springsuit Wetsuit Provide Enough Warmth?

Buell Surf springsuits come in 2mm thickness. We suggest these for sea temperatures between 65F to 70F (18C-20C). In these temperatures, accessories such as a hood, gloves, and footwear are neither necessary nor recommended.

If you are planning to do water activities in winter or in colder temperatures, a 3/2mm fullsuit may be more appropriate. For high temperatures, you can do away with wetsuits altogether if you prefer and just stick to thinner rash guards or a 1mm surf suit.

Springsuits that are 2mm thick are perfect for those mild, sunny spring days. The thickness of the suit’s material is enough to provide warmth for unexpected cool gusts of wind, yet still flexible enough to move about freely and provide good stroke width.

However, you should also take into account other factors. Buell’s temperature guide may vary depending on other things like weight and external temperature conditions. Kids may also require a warmer suit.

How Should a Men’s Springsuit Fit?

Unlike most land-based sports uniforms that are worn loosely, springsuits should be snug, like a second skin. You should not feel any loose fabric, gaps, or bagginess, but it should not be too tight and restrictive around the chest and arms. You still want a wide stroke width for paddling.

Our springsuits are made from our stretchy “Ninja Neoprene,” which is super light but super warm and soft. Neoprene is an excellent fabric for wetsuits, which is why most manufacturers use it. When buying neoprene springsuits for the first time, it is important to note that they may feel tighter on land than in water. Neoprene also acts like memory foam, and once you wear it a couple of times, it will start to remember your body and conform to its shape.

To check if your suit may be too big, try tugging gently on the lower back to see if it gives. If not, then you’re most probably wearing the correct size. You can also reach behind and try to zip up the suit yourself. If you can do so, it might be too big for you and you need to shop for another one.

Another feature of neoprene men’s springsuits is extra neoprene fabric in the underarm area. This is normal and should not be taken as a sign that the wetsuit does not fit well. It is designed that way to prevent fatigue in surfers or other athletes who have to paddle a lot and to increase their range of motion and stroke width.

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You can refer to our sizing guide for more information on how to choose the right size men’s springsuits. Once you’re ready, you can search in our store and website through the latest stock of Buell wetsuits
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