How to Choose the Right Size Wetsuit

Your new Buell wetsuit should feel like a 2nd skin Like it's part of your body.  

Short answer: If you are between two wetsuit sizes on the size chart, decide if warmth or ease-of-entry is more important to you. For warmth and performance go with the smaller size. To make it easy to get into, go with the larger size.

A wetsuit that fits well works well. There should never be:

  • Bunching or "rolls" in the back, behind the knees, or in the elbows
  • Gaps around the neck
  • Balloons of water around the lower leg when you get out of the surf

So, obviously a wetsuit should fit tight. The only question is tight, or super-tight? 

To answer that you should consider:

  • Warmth vs. ease of entry
  • Your flexibility and skill level
  • Your budget/how many wetsuits you can afford to add to your arsenal

Buell Surf Wetsuit Size Charts

Wetsuit Size Chart - US Sizes

US Wetsuit Sizes

Wetsuit Size Chart - Metric Sizes

Metric wetsuit sizes

Wetsuit Fit: Thick and Super Tight Or Thin and a Little Tight?

Warmth Wins For Winter Wetsuits - Go Tight for a 5mm

You will always stay warmer in a thicker, tighter wetsuit. For example, our RB2 full suit at 5MM thick, with a slant zip entry, is designed to stop water flushes in extreme conditions. You may be getting smashed by the 29th wave of a December-Northern-California set, but you’ll still be warm. 

Here’s the rub: There's a bit of a learning curve when it comes to getting into a suit like this. Minor contortionist skills and strong arms will help too. Everything that makes this suit super-warm: sealed seams, thick neoprene, small entry, all make it harder to get into. It’’s not impossible to don, it just takes a bit more work.

Flexibility Wins For Summer Wetsuits: Wiggle Room on a 2mm

If you’re surfing in warmer waters like San Diego or The Gold Coast, maybe you don't surf too often, and you are not as flexible as you used to be, a wetsuit like the 2MM RBZ Stealth Mode with a back zipper may be perfect. (Of if you need to sneak a 15-minute surf while your spouse thinks you are grocery shopping). With practice one can get into a looser-fitting 2MM in under 30 seconds. Suits like these are awesome for some extra warmth, sun protection, and an added layer between you and the wax.

Choosing the Right Size Wetsuit for Kids:

Little Kids Wetsuit Sizes - 3-7-Year-Olds

Little kids don’t feel the cold. Buy the bigger size. After you just spent 20 minutes looking for a parking spot, the last thing you want to do is struggle with getting their wetsuit on. They’ll be stoked on the looser suit while they charge around the shore break and dig in the sand. You really just want to keep the sun off of them and have a bit of padding for when they eat it on their skim board.

Junior Wetsuit Sizes - 8-14-Year-Olds

Once your kids are bigger and are ripping properly, give the old suit to their younger sibling and get them into a suit that fits tight and right.  

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