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Jamie O

Jamie O'Brien

Who is JOB! 

Born: June 9, 1983 - Kahuku, HI

He lives on the beaches of Hawaii. From the north shore down to Waikiki everybody wanna know who JOB, who is JOB?

All right Willz, I think I've got the answer. 

He’s a freak show who does board transfers.
He’ll take on the Shorebreak without a doubt,
Surfs big waves......on a blowup couch!
6 foot one... one hundred ninety pounds,
He once saved a bodyboarder who nearly drowned...
He made a living out of having no fear,
Deep in the pit... he made a career.
Won 25 grand on a pipeline spinner,
Oversized check for “The Wave of the Winter”.
And you know JOB got a ton of groupies,
He passes them off to his sidekick Poopies.
A tiger on his shirt... his own apparel,
He lit himself on fire... in a barrel.
His trajectory up... couldn’t be faster,
At 21 he became a pipe master!

Who is JOB? Livin on a beach in Hawaii. From the North Shore down to Waikiki. Everybody wanna know who JOB, who is JOB?

I think I’ve got an answer for that,
JOB!s about to attack,
From 4 to 40 foot how tights his game?
Another win was Padang Padang.
Wade Torkoro's his shaper for life.
His favorite wave, no question, it’s Pipe!
Rock steady when hard charged the Eddy.
He's been everywhere and bomb dropped every Jetty!

His hit tv show's called “Who is JOB!”
You can find it on RedBullTV.
He’s got Scotty vibes and we got Murph.
He’s got his own model foam board by Catchsurf.
And now his neoprene game is strong!
He’ll be warm in the water, All Day Long!
Jamie O’Brien always true to his roots.
Inked a lifetime deal with Buell Wetsuits!!

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