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We're back!

What’s up Buell fans! Welcome to our new “Buell Blog” - we wanted to give you guys a way to stay up to date with the team, the shop, our latest and greatest products, and any exciting announcements we know you’ll drop everything to hear!

It seems like the right place to start to give ya’ll a quick synopsis of what our team riders are up to.

Hawaiian season has been in full effect. The Pipeline Pro just happened, and Sunset Beach is in full motion. We’re excited to cheer on two of our favorite team riders (ok, they’re all favorites) - local Santa Cruzian Nat Young, and Brazilian star Jadson Andre. They’re both competing at Sunset, in the WSL Men’s Championship Tour from February 11th to 23rd.

Meanwhile, while the tour is shifting focus, Jamie O’Brien can also be spotted down at Pipeline, his front yard, testing out the new 4.0 Buell float suit. We’ll keep you posted on his research and development.

Down the street on the North Shore, the swell has been non stop. Skywalker is busy picking off the wave of the day at Backdoor, and Kalani David can be found ramping out and cracking big airs at Rocky Point. In an all time season, we’re stocking up on some incredible footage of our team doing what they do best!

Meanwhile, over here on the mainland, we’ve got Dane Reynolds down in Ventura, California, testing out his new DR2. More on that to come.

Jacob Zeekly was just here in Santa Cruz with us, bomb dropping every cliff he could find. Stay tuned for those shots - you can already find some on our Instagram account @buellsurf, check it out.

And lastly, we’re giving a shout out to JOB’s vlog “Jamie O’Brien” and Tina’s vlog, “Tina Cohen” where you can check out what’s going on in their worlds. Just go to and search for them, if you didn’t already know that.

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