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Sizzle Seam Seal

The ultra-thin seam seal on the exterior of our suits is super stretchy and elastic giving it a similar range of motion as our gummy “Ninja Neoprene”. We apply the “Sizzle Seal” glue to the exterior of our glued and blindstitched seams so it completely seals out water without limiting the suits’ flexibility and makes our seams more durable.

Ninja Neoprene

Ninja Neoprene is the lightest, stretchiest and softest neoprene material in the water. With roughly 30% less water absorption, it also dries quicker than most other wetsuit materials. The limestone based V-Foam is also less impactful on the environment than other petroleum based neoprenes.

Supratex Knee

Soft and comfortable Kevlar-like kneepads are tough on the outside but soft and stretchy on the inside.