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Buell Wetsuits Eco Phase 1-  Eco Carbon Black Recycled Foam:  Tires are recycled and turned into eco-carbon black, which is then mixed with neoprene chips to create an ultra-lightweight, high-performance, eco-friendlier foam core.  This saves raw materials, energy, and water.  All trim is recycled back into the process. Eco Phase 2- Water-Based Glue:  Water-based adhesives eliminate harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs).  Eliminating solvent-based glue is a big step forward for eco-production. Eco Phase 3- Recycled Thread:  Recycled plastic bottles are turned into polyester thread Eco-Dyed Yarn:  Eco dye process saves water and energy. Recycled Fabric:  Recycled plastic bottles are turned into polyester yarn.  Buell Eco-Neo is used to build our wetsuits and surf accessories.  Using recycled fabric, recycled foam, eco-dyed yarn, recycled thread, and water-based glue.  Ultimately, saving raw materials, energy, and water, and limiting our carbon footprint and global warming.

From the very beginning, Buell wetsuits and surf accessories have been thoughtfully crafted with the ecosystem in mind.  We understand that each neoprene wetsuit, surf bootie, glove, or surfing hood that we create has an impact on the world around us.

Buell wetsuits and accessories are proudly made using materials and methods that save raw materials, energy, and water- limiting our carbon footprint and global warming.

Here's where we are now:

For us, this is only the beginning.  We will continue to use recycled materials and reduce the amount of energy and our consumption of raw materials, all while continuing to produce the warmest, lightest, and most comfortable wetsuit available.  We're IN IT FOR LIFE and hope you are too!

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