The Apus One container ship left China headed towards Long Beach Ca. when it encountered heavy weather just NW of Hawaii back in November of 2020. Almost 2000 containers went overboard and the Apus rerouted to Japan. From reports on the news, what was left on deck looked like a bomb had exploded. Our JOB 2.0, the 2nd edition of our Jamie O'Brien Signature series suits were presumed lost at sea. Well, after the tedious endeavor of removing the dilapidated containers and inventory taken- we were back in business! The JOB Tiger Camo Lost At Sea 2.0’s have arrived almost 7 months later and are ripe for the picking!! Full suits in 3.2, 4.3 in Mens and Juniors. long arm spring suits for both Men and Juniors along with Mens Float suits in long arm spring suits.

JOB 2.0 Tiger Camo is loud, proud, and super fun! Just like Jamie. JOB has no problem getting noticed with his colorful boards, suits, and exceptional wave riding skills but, with the help of this Tiger Blue Camo he designed with Founder/ designer Ryan Buell now you can too! We hope you enjoy this collection and we’re happy to finally deliver it.

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