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Jamie O'Brien - JOB!

Jamie O'Brien - JOB!

Introducing the New JOB! 4.0 Acid Wash Collection.

A bit toned down from past collections, the dark Acid Wash is stylish and versatile with styles from 1mm tops, springsuits, to 3/2mm & 4/3mm fullsuits available in juniors & men's sizes. Also, offering a revolutionary float suit.  The removable float enables this wetsuit to be used in any conditions. Designed by Ryan Buell & Jamie O’Brien both claiming this is their best wetsuit collaboration to date combining safety, style and durability.

The JOB! Acid Wash Collection comes in:
• 3/2 Fullsuit (Men's & Juniors sizes)
• 4/3 Fullsuit (Men's & Juniors sizes)
• 2mm L/S Springsuit (Men's & Juniors sizes)
• 2mm S/S Springsuit (Men's & Juniors sizes)
• 1mm L/S Top (Men's & Juniors sizes)
• 2mm L/S Removable Float Springsuit (Men's sizes) COMING SOON!
• 2mm L/S Float Springsuit (Men's sizes)  COMING SOON!

"My Favorite wetsuit to date. Psyching on the new 4.0 Acid Wash style and the convertible float that makes this wetsuit ready for anything, anytime for anyone!"
- Jamie O’Brien

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