RB1B Mens 4/3 Rubber Bones Fullsuit

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Mens RB1B 4/3 Fullsuit - BLACK/WHITE BONES

Buell Surf mascot Rubber Bones Man comes from a galaxy far far away. He arrived by spaceship, with a flag and a new age surfboard. He is extremely flexible - able to stretch up to four times his height. He has an exoskeleton and neoprene like rubber texture. Our R&D team was able to analyze and replicate his unique qualities. The result is an extremely flexible, rad looking wetsuit! 


  • Material: "Ninja Neoprene" with Ultraspan flex-fabric
  • Seams: Glued and blind stitched seams with "Sizzle" seam seal on the outside
  • Entry system: Over the top, chest zip entry, utilizing a cross-over pattern and snap-tight outer flap technology
  • Key Pocket: easy to access and secure key pocket on the outside left calf
  • Knee pads: Embossed Supratex Tuff kneepads
  • Fun Factor: Rubber Bones’ skeletal features make the owner of a bones suit 50% more likely to have a fun session and laugh at things that make grumpy surfers mad…