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Jamie O'Brien

Who is JOB!  Born: June 9, 1983 - Kahuku, HI He lives on the beaches of Hawaii. From the north shore down to Waikiki ...

Jadson Andre

Hometown: Brazil Stance: Regular

Leif Engstrom

Hometown: Montauk, New York Stance: Goofy

Chad Underhill-Meras

Hometown: Santa Cruz, California Stance: Regular

Austin Smith-Ford

  Name: Austin Smith–Ford Date of Birth: June 18, 1988 Hometown: Santa Cruz, Ca Sponsors: Dakine, Buell Wetsuits, ...

Stuey Kennedy

Hometown: Australia Stance: Regular

Nate Yeomans

Name: Nate Yeomans Date of Birth: 8/18/81 Hometown: San Clemente, CA Sponsors: Lost clothing and Surfboards, Cobian ...

Keely Andrew

Home: Australia Stance: Regular
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