Buell Surf & Rescue Team Dominate USLA Nationals

VIRGINIA BEACH, Virginia, August 8/11— The Buell Surf & Rescue Team expertly demonstrated their talents at the United States Lifesaving Association’s National Championships in Virginia Beach at the beginning of August. The team, consisting of nine professional lifeguards and four junior lifeguards pushed themselves against the best in the nation in paddling, swimming, beach flags, running, and endurance—the toughest of all. After intense training and discipline all year, the Buell Team proved themselves to be the best in the nation ending with ten national championships and thirty-two total medals.

Coral Kemp and Renae Jackson championed the Women’s Rescue Race, with  Renae also winning the Open Women’s Surf Ski. Hayden Hemmens was a dominant force, winning the Men’s Overall Title, the Open Mens Surf Race, Open Mens Ironguard, and Open Mens Ironman. Amanda Calabrese siccessfully defended her defended Open Women’s Beach Flags Title by winning  her 4th straight National Beach Flags Championship, with 12-year-old Ava Burke following in her footsteps to capture the B-Girls Beach Flags Title. In the U19 division, Zane Booth won National Titles in both Board Race and Ironman, and in the 55-59 Age Group Mens division, Jay Butke dominated the Mens Surf Ski Race title.

One particular component about this team is their unique camaraderie. As Renae Jackson, the champion of both Rescue Race and Surf Ski stated, the team is not just composed of people who are “incredible athletes but who are very intellectual, driven, caring, empathetic, and genuine people.” The team is also able to pass down knowledge to the Junior Guard programs in their home states through Buell Rescue JG Training Camps, furthering the future of Surf Lifesaving in the United States.

These athletes played an essential part in developing the Buell product. As the most decorated Surf Lifesaving athletes in the country, they gave direct feedback on product design including the wetsuits, boards, and clothing used during their own training. The finest team in the nation will continue to train with Buell product as many of them prepare for the World Championships in Adelaide, Australia in November 2018.

Buell Surf and Rescue is a company focused on developing the best marine rescue products, while also promoting the sport of Surf Lifesaving in the United States.

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