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Lansdown Wins Catalina!

Australian Lachie Lansdown, 22, was so physically spent after winning the Catalina Classic on Sunday that the muscles in his shoulders and chest would not stop twitching after the race.

His muscles twitched and his body shook so much while giving an interview almost 20 minutes after the race that it looked like he was shivering.

“I’m not cold,” he said. “I’m just getting, like, muscle spasms.”

Lansdown had just beat 92 competitors paddling by hand across a 32-mile channel from Two Harbors in Catalina to the Manhattan Beach pier, a race that’s been occurring on a consecutive basis since 1981.

This year Lansdown led from the very beginning to end, finishing in five hours and 23 minutes. Click HERE to read the rest of the article. 

Congrats Lachie, ya legend!