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Jamie O'Brien is "In it for Life" and you can be too!

Here at Buell Wetsuits and Surf, we’re not afraid to do it big. We jumped into the surf world headfirst; firmly and fearlessly forging an empire focused on fun.

Speaking of fearless, may we introduce, Jamie O’ Brien, who we just signed to an unprecedented lifetime sponsorship deal! The guy gets the meanest pits at Pipe and Backdoor and has been a household name in the surf world since he was a grom, bagging covers and video parts left and right. He went on to star in his own Red Bull Web Series, “Who is JOB?” and now his own YouTube Vlog, serving his more than 100k loyal followers.

When the wave heights dip or crowds clog the lineup, JOB puts his regular act on hold, always scheming with his crew to find new ways to keep the adrenaline pumping: Board-transfers at Backdoor, extreme Slip ‘n Slide action at Ehukai Beach Park, foamie shore pound madness at Keiki Beach, and general mayhem anywhere he’s able to drag his loyal sidekick, “Poopsies”.

It’s only fitting that the surf brand and pro-surfer having the most fun should eventually team up. In a bold, never-before-seen power-play, James Duncan O’Brien has signed with Buell Wetsuits… for life!

For Buell Wetsuits & Surf, this union is a no-brainer. Jamie is arguably one of the all-time best at Pipeline, has proven that his rail and air game are top-notch, and clearly prioritizes fun over all else. He’s the perfect fit to lead our increasingly stacked team.

Buell Wetsuits & Surf wants to see more acid drops from the freakshow that is JOB. More speedos. More Poopsies torture. More fun!

Look for Jamie to be sporting some epic custom Buell Wetsuits this Winter as he competes in the Pipe Masters trials and Eddie Aikau big-wave event at Waimea Bay. Buell and crew will be on hand, leaving the chilly waters of Santa Cruz to back their boy, catch a bronze, perhaps slurp down a Pina Colada or two, and kick off this historic deal by dropping not only an MC Buell, “JOB”, rap song, but a fan give-away to top them all...


Jamie’s “In it for Life” and you can be too!
Buell Wetsuits and JOB present the “In it for Life” Instagram contest, where 2 @buellsurf and @whoisjob fans will earn lifetime deals with Buell Wetsuits, just like Jamie did! Every year, for the rest of their lives, these diehard fans, hand-picked by JOB himself—will receive one Buell Wetsuit a year, FOR LIFE!

Here’s how you enter….

  • Follow @buellsurf
  • Make a video clip or edit explaining why you deserve to Win Wetsuits for life
  • Text and Submit your entry to Buell Team phone number (831)-239-6337



Buell Wetsuits & Surf, much like new team rider, JOB, was, “Born in the Water” and fueled by fun! Make sure to stay tuned to BuellSurfTV to get the scoop on all the latest from JOB and the rest of Buell Wetsuits and Surf dream team.


Check da suits!




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